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Dul-Bulb Halogen Light Source
Model:   C.301.150

Price:   $379.00  (  4 Sold  )


  • XD-301-2-150W Double Halogen Cold Light Source

    Dou-bulb halogen light source supplys one-bulb-working mode only, it's very easy to swith to the other bulb when
    one bulb doesn't work well, this light source is suitable for endoscopy operation in gynecology and General Surgery.

    Voltage: AC95~240 50HZ~60HZ V
    Power: 150W/250W
    Color Temperature: 3600 K
    Illuminance: 2500000 lx
    Life of Bulb: 100 h
    Net Weight: 6.4 kg
    Package Size: 400*385*220 mm

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